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Way Back Navigator Pro

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Each year hundreds of people are reported lost in the wilderness. Lets change that! Whether you’re crossing the backcountry or just parked your car in an unfamiliar spot in the city, Way Back Navigator makes it easy to find your way back.Key Features for Pro Edition
Navigator Dial:App uses a simple navigational dial or compass that indicates the direction of your destination and distance. You can toggle the distance measurements to display either metric or imperial units. You can also display your waypoints with pathline on a map to see the terrain you’ll cross
Manually Enter Waypoints:This feature allows you to manually enter your destination coordinates. This means you can use Way Back Navigator Pro to find that secluded lake as well as getting you back to the trailhead.
History Menu:Displays the last 9 coordinates that you navigated to. Allows you to re-initiate the navigator to any of these coordinates.
Other Features:• Uses GPS to pinpoint your location• Works even if your mobile network is out of range• Can display either Metric or Imperial units of measure• Calculates the accuracy of GPS reading• Intuitive menu• Magnetic north compass included
Using this app is simple:1. Just tag the location or waypoint you want to save and later navigate back to.2. You can now close the app and get on with your day.3. When you need to find your way back just open Way Back Navigator and right away you’ll see the navigational compass that shows you the heading to the waypoint you tagged along with the distance you are away.
Recommended uses:• Finding the location of your car• Tagging your campsite while camping• Setting the waypoint of the trailhead before hiking or backpacking• Finding your way back to the dock while boating
How it works (the boring stuff):The distance is calculated using the spherical law of cosines. The formula is cos c = cos a cos b + sin a sin b cos C).
The bearing that points to your direction is calculated using the great circle path (orthodrome). This shows you the direction to your target waypoint ‘as the crow flies’. The formula is θ = atan2( sin Δλ ⋅ cos φ2 , cos φ1 ⋅ sin φ2 − sin φ1 ⋅ cos φ2 ⋅ cos Δλ )
Navigation made easy. Just tag your location and be assured wherever you go, you’ll always be able to find your way back. Explorers Wanted!